Custom Machines


The reason we’re here, why our shop exists, is to create machines that are unusual and great, for a handful of home baristas each year.

Anything you want, you can have.  Sure, we do the standard builds you’ve seen on our instagram.  But do you want parts of the machine upholstered in a Chanel dress you found in Hong Kong? We can do that too, and we’ll make sure we do it in a way that will stand the test of time in the heat and moisture of a working machine.

We’ll take you on a journey from your initial design ideas, through to a finished product that might be very close to, or completely different from where you started out.

The time and care we put into each machine produces details big and small. Each refinement alone is not revolutionary, but when put together makes a machine that is an experience to use, not just to look at.

The sum is a feeling or emotion that only a Specht machine will give you. 

If you’re interested in a custom Specht machine, then you’re joining a journey with us to create a machine that looks right, feels amazing to the touch, and creates great drinks.



A great machine is one thing, but a machine that suits your style, both in your home, and in the coffee you drink is something a little more tailored.

We believe that having a machine that works the way you want it to, to tailor the coffee that you enjoy drinking, or creating, for yourself and your guests takes a little more consideration.

To start, we’ll ask you to complete a design chat questionnaire, to get a broad strokes idea of what you’re thinking.

From there, Matt will book you in for a chat with Dan, the Founder of Specht, so you can throw around ideas and maybe do something a little unexpected.

Ideally you’ll have this over the phone, but for our family in the farthest corners of the globe, we sometimes do this via email.

So humour us, when we ask you questions about design instead of agreeing to recreate a machine you’ve seen online, we’re making sure that it drives as well as it looks. 


Once you’ve chosen your build, the waiting starts.  Your machine is tasked out into the different workshop departments.  Components are made on the CNC and Lathe, panels stripped and sent to the paint or powder coat shop, and metal work meticulously prepared for plating.

It’s a tough wait, and so we do our best to keep you in the loop while the build takes place.

Generally our build timeline is 6-8 weeks, and that’s because when we say made to order, we mean made to order.


Once your parts are ready for reassembly (and have passed our perfectionist QA processes), we’ll reassemble, test and refine your machine.  Occasionally, Dan may have strokes of brilliance and suggest slight revisions to your original design, considerations that come about from seeing the finished product.  Either way, we put your machine together with the same level of care we’ve used for every step of the process, and then box it up on its original pallet to be sent anywhere in the world.


Making Great Coffee

Unbox and enjoy the moment of having a perfect coffee machine made just for you.  Post a picture on Instagram perhaps?

From there, it’s up to you to make an amazing coffee.

Our customers range from professional baristas through to first time home espresso drinkers, and span the globe; united by a desire to make fantastic coffee at home.

Specht machines are capable of creating the best coffee in the world, and we want to support our customers to do exactly that.

Whether it’s tightening up your milk game, so that you're consistently creating velvety smooth milk that’s kept it’s sweetness, if you want to really understand dialling in and pressure profiling to get the most from single origin beans, or it’s your first home espresso machine and you want to start with the basics, we can empower you to do that.

Making great coffee is a process, and so we’ve partnered with Home Barista Coach to support you remotely, wherever you are in the world, with any questions you might have.  After all, it’s likely the first time you’ve worked with this model of machine.


Get Started.


If you're ready to get started, complete the design chat below.