In-Home Barista Training

We turn the best machines in the world into moving works of art.  

It’s not just the way our machines look, it’s the tactile feeling you get when you wind out the steam to clear the water for the first coffee of the day, or the viscosity of the drop from that perfect shot.

Owners of Specht machines and parts span the world, crossing every level of experience.  All united by a true passion for the experience of making great espresso. Seeing that espresso journey in our customers is one of the things that motivate us to do great work, and to us, it doesn't matter where they start.

Bringing your machine into your home is the beginning of a relationship, one that we want to see develop, so that in 5 years you are gaining more enjoyment pulling the first shot of the morning than on the day you brought it home.

If you’re not getting enough from a machine you have already, or bringing a machine home for the first time and want to understand it's quirks, you can book home training to get up to speed.

Our training is delivered by a professional barista and one-on-one coach, Stu Bryden.  Sessions are online, designed to be delivered to you, in your own home, to get the most from your own unique set-up.

Stu has extensive experience with Specht machines, so whether you're using a GS3 MP, a Linea Mini, an E61 machine or even a lever machine, chances are he's probably had one in his home - so he can help you get the most from yours.