Look Closely

Every detail, curve, interface, material choice is designed to work together perfectly.

You can see that our machined parts, while echoing the design of the original components, are refined in their design, slimmed down and hand finished into mathematical arcs, to a level of perfection not possible in a factory.

You'll notice ethical timbers are selected for their beauty, and ability to handle the environment of a working machine, internal bushings for thermal isolation fitted, and then once machined to highlight their unique grains in a way that works with their placements, finished with a treatment to preserve the softness of their timber grain and the tactile beauty of their wood.

You'll hear internal plumbing is re-set ever so slightly to remove any chafing, and produce a quiet, but not silent machine.

It’s in the visceral sounds the machine makes when you turn it on and wind the steam out, it’s in the tactile way material selection and finishes change the way you touch it, and it’s because we choose components that don’t wear over time, instead grow in complexity and patina, that set us apart.

The sum of all of these parts is a feeling, or an emotion that starts not when you take your first sip of the finished product, but when you begin your morning process.

Put More Simply

Your dream machine

How do we get started?

There are a few ways you can work with Specht to create your machine.

The first, is to go custom, the keys to the candy shop, working with Dan to create a design and then having it built. Any machine, any options.

The second, and a little quicker, is to choose one of our Specht Ready Made Machines. In limited run options, it's the quickest way to get your hands on one of our machines with custom colour, electroplating and finishes.

Finally, you can order a Specht Linea Mini to get Specht Contact Points fitted from our factory, or go with a La Marzocco Linea Mini and have a world class machine to customise in the future.

Ordering Custom

How to Order Custom

Specht Ready Made

How To Order Ready Made

Linea Mini