Specht Linea Mini

Specht Linea Mini is just that, a La Marzocco Linea Mini Finished with Specht contact points.

It's for our home baristas that are passionate about the La Marzocco brand, and want a machine set above the factory stock, with all contact points updated to timber or acetyl finish, and matching badging.

Specht La Marzocco Linea Mini Five Senses


Now for a limited time get this awesome bundle when you purchase a Specht Linea Mini or any other Linea Mini of equal or greater value on our website! The bundle includes the following:

  • La Marzocco merch pack
  • 3 month Five Senses coffee subscription
  • Specht timber handle with bottomless portafilter
  • Home Barista Coach online coaching pack


Specht Linea Mini's come in factory stock colours and stainless metals.

You can make your Specht Linea Mini even more unique by adding Specht custom Feet or a Specht removable cup rail.

To get the best coffee from one of the best home machines, we've included a remote lesson with Home Barista Coach, Stu Bryden, with your purchase.  If you've never used a machine before, he'll get you started, and if you're an experienced coffee maker, you can use that time to step up your latte art game, or deep dive on extractions.